Dongzhida has a large CNC computer gongs, each one, spark machine 4 sets, there are dozens ofdischarge copper, obvious advantages in the strap mold, mold can be external processing of variousstrap, silicone rubber mould, please consult the business of Mr. xu.


The communication between the two sides are roughly the price and delivery, to determine the sample charge
Customers pay the fees proofing, providing the design sketch or samples, designated productsPantone color number
The sample scanning, parameter adjustment, carving a sample mold, is generally 2~5 days
Test mode and to modify the mold processing, rubber material, sample preparation, sample,processing parameter adjustment
Send samples to customers samples confirmed OK, determine the big goods price, schedule,delivery, quality etc.
The signing of the production of goods contracts, customers pay 30% of payment
Production, testing, packaging, pictures or send big sample confirmation of customer or client in person inspection
Pay the balance of our customers, arrange the shipment


Make the full payment fees proofing, confirm the sample after OK, to pay 30% of payment, the balance paid before shipment.

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